kylie minogue your body

In a gay club because you can’t accuse them of not knowing their audience.

Miss Kylie Minogue’s been teasing us for a while now about her follow up to 2014’s largely underrated ‘Kiss Me Once’ and for all those lucky gays out on the town in West Hollywood last night, the wait finally ended. Kylie and co-producers Fernando Garibay (responsible for the best bits of ‘Born This Way’) and Giorgio Moroder (responsible for literally every disco hit ever) took to the stage alongside some scantly clad young gentlemen to debut electronic disco hit in the making, “Your Body” (sadly not an homage to Xtina.)

Check out some shaky, grainy fan footage below:

The Aussie pop Queen introducing the track:

Oh yeah, fun night w @giorgiomoroder and @fernandogaribay at #greystonemanor #righthererightnow

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And then bobbing her head alongside an apathetic stripper’s *****:

Yep, a typical LA night – hanging out with Kylie #kylie #LA #greystonemanor #cantgetuoutofmyheas

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All in a day’s work for Minogue, I’m sure.

It’s way too early and the footage is way too ratchet to tell if the song’s any good, but taking into account who’s behind it, it’s a fairly safe bet that it’ll be a slice of pure disco magic.

Kylie’s collaboration with Giorgio earlier this year, “Right Here, Right Now” may have failed to set the charts alight but it’s a spectacular track that proves neither act has lost their touch. Similarly, Kylie’s collection of Garibay’s unreleased ‘Kiss Me Once’ material, released on Soundcloud last year, was equally brilliant so a meeting of the minds between these three should spell success – at least critically, if commercial success is too much to hope for at this point.

Kylie also treated the gays to some of her classics, dancing along to “Slow,” “Wow,” “Get Outta My Way,” “I Believe In You” and crowd pleaser “Love At First Sight.” It’s interesting to see the pint sized pop diva taking it back to the clubs, hopefully this signifies a return to her roots after the mostly really enjoyable but somewhat lacking in direction affair that was ‘Kiss Me Once.’

Looking forward to Kylie’s next chapter?