The disco holiday record just got a little funny.

Kylie Minogue Collaborating With Comedian James Corden On Xmas Album

Kylie Minogue asked James Corden to appear on her upcoming holiday record.

Following the release of her unannounced ‘Kylie + Garibay’ EP is another surprise: the Australian pop princess asked comedian/actor James Corden to feature on her disco-inspired Christmas record.

“James recorded the track in secret with Kylie after she asked him to feature,” a source told The Sun. “It was meant to be the jokey song on the album but producers were so impressed there’s a strong chance it’s going to be the lead single. James is a very good singer and the song is actually a great listen.”

The collaboration might seem a bit of random, but the two co-hosted the Brit awards in 2009 together. Plus, Corden admits he’s a big Christmas music lover and jokingly said he’d love to have a holiday album of his own.

“Almost for my own enjoyment – and when I say my own enjoyment, I mean just to record for myself to keep in my house – I have started to think I should make a Christmas album,” adding “I love Christmas music so much that I start listening to it in October. I’ve started listening to the Michel BublĂ© album and I’m thinking maybe I’ll just do it on my own.”