Kylie Minogue Has Left Roc Nation after Two Years of Professional Disappointments

Pint-sized pop princess Kylie Minogue may be ditching Jay Z and Roc Nation after just one album.

UPDATE: Kylie has confirmed that she will be parting ways with Roc Nation. Read the official statement below.

Listen, you don’t mess with Kylie Minogue. The “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” diva has been in the game for almost 30 years, has worldwide album sales of more than 68 million and a reported net worth of $75 mil. It shouldn’t be too shocking, therefore, that after the poorly managed campaign for 2014’s ‘Kiss Me Once’, Kylie knows enough to know that she should cut her losses and move on from Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

Find out all the details and why this is the best possible move for the Aussie Queen below:

In an official statement, Minogue said:

“I’ve had an amazing time with Roc Nation and it’s been fantastic to team up with them over the last two years. We got together at a period in my life when I wanted to shake things up.

“I loved collaborating with Roc on the Kiss Me Once album, world tour and DVD and have made great friends in the process. I’m now looking forward to my upcoming Summer gigs and embarking on new adventures.

“And I want to thank everyone at Roc Nation who have been on this incredible ride with me.”

According to a report in The Sun, Kylie is leaving Roc Nation management after two years of professional disappointments, including the underperformance of her 12th studio album, which failed to live up to the success of its predecessor, 2010’s ‘Aphrodite’, and promised endorsement deals which didn’t materialise.

A source says:

“The deal just didn’t work out for either side and she thinks they didn’t ever understand her as an artist. Her last album was nowhere near as successful as she hoped. She now wants go in a different direction.”

Okay, let’s discuss all the ways in which this is the best possible move Miss Minogue could make.

Roc Nation, whilst an enormously successful management company, have proven time and time again that they aren’t equipped to manage an act who isn’t geared up for massive US success (see: Rita Ora.)

Similarly, Roc Nation relied on a very ‘modern’ promotional campaign, hooking Kylie up with YouTubers and blogs rather than good old fashioned TV and radio. Kylie has a well-established audience, but the fact is they aren’t getting any younger – her demographic expect to see her and her music on chat shows and sit downs, not on social media.

Arguably the biggest misstep in the promotional strategy for ‘Kiss Me Once’, however, was the assumption that Minogue’s tenure on both The Voice UK and The Voice Australia would sell the record for her, which of course, it did not. Whether this error in judgement falls at the feet of her management or Kylie herself, we don’t know – but given how good Minogue has been at marketing herself in the past, it wouldn’t seem likely that this was her mistake.

It’s also interesting that Kylie implied recently that perhaps the material for ‘Kiss Me Once’ wasn’t strong enough to warrant stronger sales. In actual fact, ‘Kiss Me Once’ was a very solid effort, but it didn’t compare to the dizzying heights of career highlights like ‘Aphrodite’ or ‘Fever’.

And actually Jay Z and Roc Nation may have to take responsibility for this too. As an artist who doesn’t generally write her own material, Kylie falls into the category of singers who rely on their management to provide them with decent songs and help them craft strong albums. A responsibility which Kylie doesn’t seem to believe RN lived up to.

If Kylie knows what’s good for her, she’ll eat **** and grovel to former manager, Terry Blamey, who oversaw the “I Should Be So Lucky” hitmaker from 1987 until 2013. It takes a certain kind of person to manage a performer like Minogue, and Blamey has proven that he knows what he’s doing.

Who do YOU think was responsible for ‘Kiss Me Once’s’ underperformance?