Kylie Jenner Denies She’s Part Of Terror Jr Or Whatever

November 11, 2016 By James Dinh

Kylie makes a public announcement.


Life is done. Not only is Donald Trump the President-elect of the United States, but Kylie Jenner confirms multiple times via SnapChat she has nothing to do with the band Terror Jr, and believes they’re alluding to her likeness to get some attention.

“Hey guys, so, public announcement. I’m not the singer of Terror Jr or whatever. I love their music, but for those wondering, it’s not me guys,” she said.

“I don’t know if the band is just trying to get a little bit of attention, but it’s not me. And I don’t really read articles or blogs or anything, but my mom just asked me if I was a part of this Terror Jr band. And I’m like ‘Is this that serious?’ And I checked my tweets, and I’m getting a lot of tweets.”

Looks like Kylie the pop star is over before it even started.


Let’s inspect the evidence.

In a year that saw Kylie Jenner realize things, fans have come to wonder: Has the socialite’s singing career been sitting in front of us on YouTube since late March?

Earlier this week, word of the 19-year-old’s pop star career resurfaced when sly YouTuber Tyler Minear discovered Kylie is listed as the sole performer on ASCAP’s registered database to previously unknown pop collective Terror Jr’s “3 Strikes,” you know, the soundtrack to the reality star’s mini-film for her lip gloss line. Oh, and when we say unknown, we mean unknown. The group, which had absolutely no social media presence prior to the ad, reportedly consists of three folks: Felix Snow, David “Campa” Benjamin Singer-Vine (formerly of The Cataracs) and a female vocalist named Lisa Vitale. Take a listen to the full track below!

Here’s where King Kylie fans have connected the dots. They’re speculating that the reality star is in fact this “Lisa” character, who also served as a co-writer on track, underneath the heavy autotune and vocal distortion. To add another layer to this pop mystery, “3 Strikes,” which is off their full-length debut, Bop City, dropped via SoundCloud shortly after the unveil of the lip-gloss ad. Is that suspicious or just a good marketing rollout?

As PopCrush pointed out, a quick YouTube search for said Lisa Vitale leads to an account with just one sole video: a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” No, there’s no autotune or filter on Lisa’s voice. No, there’s no other hints of Kylie on the account. So why the hell is Kylie listed as a performer on “3 Strikes”? After the speculation hit the blogosphere, the group took to Twitter to fuel the fire with a sly nod to the headlines.

You be the judge. Take a look at Kylie Jenner’s “Glosses” ad below!

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