Mourning loss.

Ellie Goulding mourns the loss of her super human brother in her new video with Kygo for “First Time.”

Kygo and Goulding’s new collaboration is nowhere to be found on the Billboard Hot 100, so hopefully this fiery new music video for the track gives it a bump.

It took me a couple of plays to gather this synopsis of what’s going on: The Mathew Cullen-directed visual tells the tale of a brother and sister (Kygo and Ellie) growing up and experiencing milestone memories together, but as the two get older, the boy’s fire-creating capabilities ends up being his demise. He feels a sense of loneliness and isolation growing up because of his talents, and only Ellie understands. Eventually, Kygo turns to ash, but it’s not entirely grim; there’s a brief rendezvous at the end.


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