The ladies tell us they are very focused on songwriting.

Krewella On New Album: "We're Starting From Scratch": BreatheHeavy Exclusive

Krewella are fresh-faced at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas on Friday (Sep. 18) ahead of their DJing gig at Omnia nightclub inside Caesars Palace.

The duo confirm they’re working on a new record, but it remains up in the air whether they’ll release an EP or a full length studio album. Whichever they choose, Krewella’s sound and vibe have evolved since their 2012 mainstream hit “Alive.”

We asked the ladies how they feel they’ve evolved since then.

“Wow that was three years ago,” they tell “I’d say we’re focusing a lot more on songwriting. Back then, we were writing to track. So you’re kind of stuck in a box back then, but the heartbeat of a song, and the core of a song really is your melody, your lyric and the soul of that comes with songwriting. So with this album, we’re starting from scratch. Everything. A lot of the songs just start as a ballad.”

They add the DJ culture, especially in Las Vegas, hasn’t reached its peak yet and cite Calvin Harris as a thriving example of someone who consistently outdoes himself.

They continue to BreatheHeavy, “We’re focusing on that and also experimenting a lot more which. If you think about when you first start as an artist… you’re recording your debut – you really just dabble in different genres before you completely release stuff. Starting another album is like that stage all over again so it kind of feels new again. It’s really exciting for us,” they said.

“It’s refreshing.”