Kim Vo Styling Britney’s Hair For VMA Performance

August 21, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Kim Vo, Britney’s hair stylist, sat down with E!‘s Daily 10 to discuss what else? Hair! Vo told E! he may be styling Britney’s hair for the VMAs – which includes 3 looks:

“The first look would obviously be for the red carpet. Vo says he and Brit are still ‘feeling out’ ideas about how that will look.

The second style would be for the show itself, probably something ‘more chic, like a side ponytail.’

And look No. 3 would be for her PERFORMANCE! That’s right, we said performance. For such an event, Vo and Brit want something ‘more quintessential Britney.’ ‘Performance’ and ‘quintessential Britney’ said together could only mean our girl is definitely coming back to us.

Before running off to his other hair guru gig, Sheer Genius, Vo also offered some valuable advice on how to achieve Britney’s current look. It’s called S-curl, in which he adds ‘more golden highlights and less platinum’ and tops it all off with a conditioning mask.” I’ll have to write that one down…

Did he say performance?!