Kim Petras surprise-released a frighteningly ferocious new project titled Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1.


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Kim kicks off the Halloween festivities this month with her deliciously sweet and spooky pop opus. It’s the most cohesive sounding record I’ve digested in a minute!

The eight-track mixtape features stunning production (at the hands of defamed producer Dr. Luke). Half of the album barely feature any of Kim’s vocals – instead it takes the listener down a dark and windy path of synth-horror (“o m e n,” “i don’t wanna die…” “TRANSylvania” & “Boo! *****!”).

The songs where Kim’s glimmering gold vocals are featured are hypnotic and indulgent.


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On the auto-tune-tastic “Close Your Eyes,” Kim sings about giving in to the horror of having *** with her (her words, not mine). “I feel it coming on / You’ve got nowhere to run / There’s no way you’ll make it out alive,” she croons over a pulsating beat. “Oh when it’s after dark I’m gonna eat your heart.”

“Turn Off The Light” is a highlight – it features a speech from Elvira, which Kim describes as “so crazy.” “Very like inspired by Britney’s Blackout era and “Monster Mash” and yeah, it’s spooky music,” she said of the track to OUT.

“In The Next Life” is also pretty wild. The theatrical, Freddy Mercury-inspired song explores an afterlife in which you accept that you’re evil. “[My character on the mixtape is] kind of a killer,” she said. “I have my moments on this [track with remorse and feeling like ‘what have I done?’ The character for this one was definitely just evil Kim. It’s just evil Kim attacking me and I can’t stop her from coming through.”

This deserves your undivided attention. Listen below:

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