There will be blood.

Kim Petras returns with another installment of Turn Off The Light. The second volume is more like an extension of the first release – Kim cooked up the tracks with the same collaborators as Volume 1, including producer Dr. Luke, Aaron Joseph, Theron Thomas, Vaughn Oliver and Jesse Saint John. Instead of a separate release, the new eerie, synth-heavy bops were appended to the original tracklist.

On most of the tracks, Kim’s signature sugary-sweet vocal is soundtracked to delicious, pulsating beats. There’s the sound of knives slicing metal, demonic voices and unsettling chimes you’d hear before any Michael Myers slaying. The production is stunning.

“There Will Be Blood” and “Wrong Turn” are a few of the project highlights.

TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1 did amazing things for me and I didn’t expect it to,” Kim told earlier this year. “To me, and a lot of people on my team, it was just fun – like a weird, little Halloween record. And then it did amazing things and played at every single album party there is; it really gave me some die-hard fans. I still love listening to that record from front to back, just all the way through. So, we [picked up] right where we left off.”

Listen below:

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