I wanna with youuuu.

Kim Petras’ reign won’t let up. She’s released a new song every week for four consecutive weeks, and has delivered yet another bop ahead of schedule. It’s titled “Sweet Spot,” an electric-tinged, euro-dance bop that finds the singer cooing over an infectious disco beat. It might be my favorite track she’s put out in 2019 (I realize I say that every post).

“Sweet Spot” sounds reminiscent to songs featured on Kylie Minogue’s impeccable Fever album, and that’s extremely welcome.

“Sweet Spot” is pop music magic in part thanks to an all-star team of writers and producers, including Kim, Dr. Luke, Vaughn Oliver, Aaron Joseph and Theron Thomas.

On it, Kim sings about dancing the night away with someone special.

“Baby don’t stop, don’t stop / We’re getting to the sweet spot, sweet spot,” she croons. “Baby it’s a sure shot, sure shot / We’re getting to the sweet spot, sweet spot.”

The lyrics aren’t exactly Shakespeare, but it’s not meant to be. It’s a pop gem that gives the listener a golden opportunity to set their troubles aside for several minutes and escape into a purple and blue-lit haze of lights and vodka sodas. I see a lot of us getting f–ked up to this.

“Sweet Spot” coincides with Kim’s newly-announced tour dates. It follows “Blow It All,” “Got My Number” and “Broken.”

See what’s good below:

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