It’s all or nothing for Kim Petras.

The German pop star has a hit on her hands with new song “I Don’t Want It At All.” Problematic, because it was co-written and produced by the infamous Dr. Luke (along with Cirkut, Aaron Joseph, and Lil Aaron). But, there’s no denying the song is infectious with a video that’s as dreamy as it is accurate of a millennial’s true colors. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“This video is a teen girl’s fantasy to me,” Petras told EW of the video. “It’s inspired by pillow talk, the ‘Princess and the Pea,’ and it ends with me stomping on a miniature Hamptons in heels as a girly Godzilla moment.”

What does that mean? In the clip, Petras convinces men to buy her things and prays to a Paris Hilton shrine in her bedroom when her credit card gets declined. Hilton eventually makes a cameo to save the day. The two dance around and celebrate how they exploit dumb men for their money. Kim Petras is my spirit animal.

Watch the Charlotte Rutherford-directed vid below:

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