Kim Petras sacrifices another offering with new tune, “Personal Hell.”

If you’ve been following Kim these last several months, you’ve been fed well. The rising pop star has consistently released one song per week for two months, and this week is no exception. “Personal Hell” is one of the best she’s put out thus far, and that’s saying a lot considering we have “Got My Number” and “Do Me.”

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On it, Kim searches for love to save her from her “Personal Hell.” The harsh truth is that she’ll never find it outside of herself, but instead of explaining Kim’s existential crisis, I’ll fill you in on the subzero beat, crafted by Dr. Luke, Vaughn Oliver and Aaron Joseph, and its glorious lyrics. Check out the intro below:

Summer sun, don’t feel a thing
Overthink ’bout everything
When I think of you, you give me chills
Yeah, I’m sad but down to ****
Want you more, this ain’t enough
When you kiss me, boy, I don’t need pills

“Personal Hell” is the latest release off Kim’s new project, Clarity, out June 27 (listen to the album title track here).

“This project is all about finding myself. It started with ‘Broken’ and will end with Clarity because it reflects my personal journey over the last two years,” Kim said of the new
project. “In writing my new music, I’ve learnt that a lot of the little things that go wrong in
life don’t really matter at the end of the day. If anything, I’m now a stronger person because of them.”

BreatheHeavy recently interviewed Kim. Read that here, then listen to the new tune below:

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