A glittery Kim Petras serves heat in the ferocious “Icy” video.

Mariah Carey is to Christmas as Kim Petras is to Halloween.

Kim recently amended her spooky Turn Off The Light album with a fresh batch of terror, but she’s shifting her focus back onto her previous release, Clarity, with a video for one of the album tracks titled “Icy.”


In the Alexandre Moors-directed clip, Kim slithers around inside a glass box filled with ice water. Her frosty eyes stare deep into your soul during the song’s chorus. You almost want to look the other way, but fortunately for her she’s that captivating that you can’t. What I’m trying to say is, YASSS ISSA SERVE.

Watch below:

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  1. Listened to this song on repeat when it got out after a bad experience. I really love this song! It’s feisty, catchy and a bit melancholic as well. Kim Petras is also great to see live! Go support her!

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