The singer has dropped one pop gem after another. “Faded” is no exception!

Get faded with Kim Petras.

It feels like Kim came out of left-field this year, and I’m so glad she did. The singer has dropped one pop gem after another. 

Kim built a shrine to Paris Hilton in her sugary gem “I Don’t Want It All” then cooled off on her dreamy tune “Slow It Down” (read more about that here – Kim graciously gave us an interview about it). Next up is the robotic synth cut “Faded,” featuring rapper Lil Aaron. Her latest is no exception to the rule – she nails it.

“Why they always want my time / Yeah like we can rewind,” Kim sings over a quirky beat and light production. “And I ain’t gonna lie / I’m faded out my mind.”

For Lil Aaron’s part, he raps about coping with fake friends. “Yeah, I stay faded only smoking A-graded / Everybody fake as **** so I been self medicatin’ / I’m the greatest that there was and still the most underrated / That **** ain’t up for discussion or debatin’.”

Another hit from Kim! I’m looking forward to see what Kim has to offer in the new year. Give this a spin below:

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