Classic slow jams.

Kim Petras takes things down a notch with her latest release, “Slow It Down.”

Kim was a lot extra on her previous single, “I Don’t Want It At All.” In the video, she was praying to a Paris Hilton shrine and using boys to buy her things. Because at the end of the day, things can’t break your heart.

On her next release, “Slow It Down,” which Kim tells BreatheHeavy was influenced by classic slow jams like “Forever Young,” “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind” and “True,” the rising pop singer is still finding love to be quite troublesome.

“[‘Slow It Down’ is] about wanting to slow it down really,” Petras tells BH. That makes complete sense. She added: “When you meet a guy or dance with him and he’s too eager to get to ***!”

“Baby slow it down just for a minute,” Kim croons over orgasmic synths and an icy beat. “It’s going down / You’re gonna get it / Ohh I wanna cross the line / You just gotta take your time.” Keep your eye on this one.


What else is Kim up to? “Shooting more music videos, finishing songs, getting the live show ready, daily meltdowns and a lot of In-n-Out,” she said. I can relate to most of that.

Like what you hear? Give “Hills,” featuring Baby E, and “Hillside Boys” a listen.

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