Kim Petras has unleashed ‘Clarity’ in full.

A. Camp. Aign. Kim Petras dropped her new body of work basically one song at a time until the entire thing was available to stream. An ingenious tactic because it forces fans to pay special attention to each song individually over the course of two months versus the traditional 3-4 promo singles route and then the final project. We have intimate knowledge of every song now, and each soundtracked a different week of our 2019. There were a couple of gems she saved for today’s debut, including “Icy” and “Meet The Parents.”

Kim tapped infamous producer Dr. Luke for the album. Though his name resides in the darker corners of the Internet, there’s no denying he’s talented. Obviously Kim’s vocals are gleaming throughout Clarity, but the production is next-level.

Though Kim has a huge story to tell – she’s an out and proud transgender woman – Clarity doesn’t necessarily dive into anything too deep. Instead, it’s layered with guilty pleasure pop songs that are designed to bop along to. Not only does the listener get a chance to escape from everyday life with Clarity, but so does Kim. It’s a notion that she hammered home in our interview together, but she wants you to know she takes her career very seriously.

“Some people think I’m just this blonde, pop puppet. I’m an independent artist and I’m in charge of everything I do,” she told us. “I really care deeply.”

Kim added: “the last year has really given me confidence as an artist to try more things, to be even more experimental, and put out even bigger songs. I really think that having a fanbase gave me a lot of confidence in myself and, before that, I didn’t know if anybody would even want to listen to me. I feel really supported now. I think that’s the best thing that has happened to me. I really feel like I found myself, thanks to my music and my fans.”

Listen to the new record below, then leave an Exchange in Exhale and tell us what your favorite song is!

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