Queen Kim returns.

Rising pop sensation, Kim Petras, continually serves up fresh-sounding bops. “Heart To Break” and her first installment of Turn Off The Light were my go-to jams when life chucked me a piece of vanilla f–k you cake last year. It appears Kim also felt some fiery angst in the time since her ghoulish Halloween LP was released, because her new single, “Broken,” is a response to when your significant other eats your heart.

Cooing over icy synths and a stuttering, twinkly beat, Kim laments over a recent split.

“You cut me open, I cried oceans / All I wanted was devotion,” Kim croons on the Dr. Luke-produced new tune. “I got nothing / Hope you happy with your new *****.”

Kim can do no wrong in my book. Everything she’s released thus far, including “Homework” with lil aaron, “If U Think About Me…,” and “1,2,3 dayz up” feat. SOPHIE, are, as the headline boldly states, perfection. “Broken” is another slice of delicious pop pie.

Listen below:

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