Kim celebrates living life in the fast lane.

The devil works hard, but Kim works harder. The rising pop star continues her single streak with a new tune titled “Blow It All.”

On the track, co-created with Aaron Joseph, Ryan Ogren, Theron Thomas and Dr. Luke, Kim sings about living the no f–ks life. I’m fairly certain the blow in “Blow It All” is a subtle nod to the magic dust.

“Shorty in the bathroom and she asking where the coke at / I spent 20 thousand just to leave it on a coat rack,” Kim croons over a sparkly beat and dreamy synths. Elsewhere, she doubles down: “Can’t take it with ya, blow it all tonight.” I see you, Kim, and where can I get some (asking for a friend).

“Blow It All” is another precious pop bop in the long line of Kim classics. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and her budding catalogue created in a relatively short time-span is impressive. In case you’ve lost track, this marks Kim’s third consecutive week releasing a new song – it follows “Broken” and “Got My Number.”

Listen to “Blow It All” below:

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