Kim Petras can’t escape the imploding blow of love lost on her latest release.

Kim continues her hot streak with an icy, downtempo power ballad titled “All I Do Is Cry.” On it, the pop star laments over relationship that’s gone sour, and despite wanting to let go… can’t.

Kim co-wrote the song with Dr. Luke, Aaron Joseph and Nic Nac. Luke and Joseph produced it.

“Wish I could forget ya, like I never met ya / Said you wanna break, then you broke my heart,” she sings over twinkly strings, stuttering beat and a cinematic background. “You left me with nothing, I feel like I’m drowning / You just let me down and I don’t know why / Wish that I could say that you’re dead to me / What’s it gonna take to feel alive again? / I feel like I’m breaking, I keep medicating / I just can’t believe that it’s over now.”

“All I Do Is Cry” follows a generous list of songs Kim’s recently released, including “Sweet Spot,” “Blow It All,” “Got My Number” and “Broken.”

Check back next week for our exclusive interview with Kim.

Listen below:

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