Do you know how many gays would support this?


Do you know how many gays would support this?


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I wasn’t so sure a higher power existed until now. You wouldn’t have known this, but I started binge watching *** And The City on Hulu this month. I’m on season 4 right now, which means I’ve seen Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha, my spirit animal, in two dozen *** scenes.

You’re also probably very aware that Christina Aguilera’s new album Liberation drops next week (June 15). If Samantha were to have a future favorite album, it’d be this. That’s why Cattrall giving Xtina the seal of approval to play Samantha in any future reboot/revival is extremely exciting.


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How did this come about?

Cattrall commented on The Atlantic’s new story about the actress’ decision not to reprise her role as the ***-craved powerhouse publicist because she’s taken Samantha as far as she could.

There’s also some bad blood between her and the cast mates, but die-hard fans of the show (me) would love to see the gang back together again. It won’t be with Cattrall, but it could be with Christina. I live in delusion.

Check out these Tweets below. A fan suggested the “Fall In Line” singer’s name because of how astoundingly well Legend X’s impression of Samantha was on SNL way back when, and Cattrall replied she was FABULOUS. That sounds like a thumbs up to me.


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Would YOU be down to see Xtina play Samantha on *** And The City? Leave a comment below!

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