Starry-eyed lovers.

Kiki Rowe’s new video for “Come My Way,” featuring Khalil, is a tale of two starry-eyed lovers falling for one another.

In an age where relationships rise and fall faster than the sun and the moon, the “Come My Way” video, which premieres on today (July 13), is a refreshing reminder that despite the odds… it can work. But it takes just that.

“There’s been situations in the past where it’s not always easy for me to have a committed relationship because of all the traveling and work I have to do cause of music. But I would always try my hardest to be there for that person and see them as much as I could,” Kiki tells BreatheHeavy.

“If you really care about [another person], you should try and make time for them no matter how busy you are, because it’s important to keep good people in your life who make you happy.”

♫ “I won’t tell you no ********, I won’t tell you no lies,” Kiki sings over R&B-tinged beat crafted by producer Blaq Tuxedo (Selena Gomez, Chris Brown). “I’ll always keep it real with you.”

The video captures precious moments between Kiki and Khalil in the early stages of a budding romance. They sing under a blinding projection overlay, inside the recording studio and around different spots throughout Los Angeles.

It’s the upbeat love song/video we all need right now. Watch below:

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