Gold 2.0.

Kiiara is making a name for herself.

In 2015, the singer-songwriter teamed up with producer Felix Snow for most of her Low Kii Savage EP. She reached the mainstream with the lead single “Gold.” It trickled up the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at No. 13; a phenomenal feat for an up and comer.

Hoping to eclipse herself, the 21-year-old teamed up with Linkin Park on their new song “Heavy,” then hit up Felix Snow for another “Gold.” The latest release off her forthcoming EP is titled “Whippin,” a fluttery tune that enlists the best parts of the former. In the summery track, Kiiara sings about her weakness for fuckboys. At least she’s honest.

“Phone lit, past three, see you say what’s up,” she sings over helium synths and sporadic beats. “Fuckboy, thought I told you not to hit me up / I got a problem and it *****, boy / O.T., I’m in love with the fuckboys / I’m just bein’ real, can I keep it real?”

Listen to the song below, and keep an eye out for a performance of it; Kiiara performs at Coachella this weekend.

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