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Every day, BreatheHeavy posts hot topics concerning some of the world’s biggest pop stars, but occasionally we like to turn our attention to artists on the rise. Our latest find is one of our very own, Kiey (@Kiey_nature), an active longtime member of the Exhale forums. He’s released a body of work titled Night To Myself.

The dreamy, electro-tastic LP features a couple of shining pop gems, including “Drunk Black Cat” and “Picadilly.” According to Kiey, Night To Myself is a dark, divine collection of songs meant to percolate your senses during a dreary internal battle, whether it’s sadness, loneliness, anger or chaotic energy.

Play the music video for Kiey’s latest release, “Drunk Black Cat,” then give Night To Myself a spin while reading our Q&A together below:

Your new music has an electro, dreamy vibe. It’s very cohesive-sounding! Congrats! What do you want people to take away from it after listening?

Thank you! The lead single “Drunk Black Cat” and upcoming single “Piccadilly” (which I am filming a music video for) may sound very different but they are tied by a dark pop soundscape which is the essence of the album. My debut album Night To Myself mainly consists of alternative pop mid-tempos and are the sort of music intended to be listened to while being alone, be it driving somewhere or staying in bed at night.

What was the inspiration behind the “Drunk Black Cat” video?

The music video for “Drunk Black Cat” is about a girl who is sad and alone at night in her house. She started to conjure hellish visions and became a party girl in her own homes, accompanied by friends in her head. The all red ending was meant to be a suicidal dream, but the director modified it to be a scene of being sacrificed instead so it’s less heavy. The video is perfect for Halloween though, spooky and eery but still somewhat a bop!

Why the name ‘Night to Myself?’ How’d you come up with that?

The album first came about when I was studying in London in 2015. I had a lot of free time in the evening and downloaded Ableton, got a soundcard and microphone and from there self-produced the songs myself. The first few songs I made were crappy (lol!) But over the years I got better and better at making them. Flash forward to the end of 2018, I got a handful of usable tracks (a total of 8) and then decided to push it further for a complete 12 track LP. The title of the album came quite late, but it tied in the experience of making this album perfectly.

What do you want people to know about it in relation to you?

This album is just a starter course of my essence as an artist. It’s full of sad lyrics, veiled in a dreamy/up-beat pop soundscape. I have always been drawn to the dark,angry underlying mood of Britney’s music ( in particular Blackout) and thought this first album should reflect that dark aspect of my artistry. A kind of escapism from my normally cheery self. The follow up album will hopefully be full of dark bangers! 

What was the creative process like making this body of work?

At the beginning, the melody used to come up first and I developed the songs from that. But later on, the more efficient way I found was to start with the chord progression. Melody, beat, lyrics came after respectively and then you ‘shop’ for the sound you want. Mixing and mastering are the toughest for me ( it got much faster towards the end, “Piccadilly” was the final song done for the album and it only took 3 days!). Cohesively, I would actively avoid sounds that didn’t go with the collective, in this case, anything that sounded too bright or happy.

What are some of the personal experiences from your life that can be heard on the album?

Actually, I love to create fantasies. A lot of the album is fictional and some songs are stories that I constructed. But from time to time I would lace in lyrics that are from personal experiences. Just one particular song,  “Piccadilly”, is purely autobiographical, it’s about me missing Piccadilly Circus (a place I used to live in London). On the other hand, songs like  “Highway” and “Drunk Black Cat” are largely fictional.

I know they’re all your babies, but what song means the most to you? Why’s that?

The four singles which I have always intended are my favorites and they sort of switch places from time to time. These are “Drunk Black Cat”, “Piccadilly”, “Up To You” and “Highway”. I think the ones I am most proud of are between “Piccadilly” and “Highway.” “Piccadilly” was the last song I did; it came very quickly… melody/instrumental one day, recording one day, mixing and mastering another day. It turned out to be the catchiest and easiest to listen! “Highway” in retrospect, sounded quite lush and effortless, the topic is interesting too!

Why should people listen to Night to Myself?

It’s a display of sadness, loneliness, anger and chaotic energy. It’s meant for moments of wanting to be alone. I think a lot of people may have experience this sort of feeling from time to time. This album is the sort of sensual soundtrack to that.

What do you consider being successful in music means to you now?

Well, I am only starting out professionally this year, so I will try to work hard to get my music across to people. I have worked hard to self produce my music for a while and I know now that it is possible to create an album from start to finish. The end game is to have a cool niche following of dedicated fans, people who can connect to my artistry and music. But I really don’t know what “success” is yet in music.

Which artists do you listen to?

I’m a Britney fan for life! But I also listen to Rihanna, Troye Sivan, Madonna, Lana Del Rey and Bjork…

Photos: Trang Nguyen – Portfo Studio

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