Friday… I’m dreaming a mile a minute.


Friday… I’m dreaming a mile a minute.

So much has gone down since Britney dropped her lead Glory single “Make Me.”

There was a meltdown of epic proportions when photographer Randee St. Nicholas’ version of the video dropped, but Britney played it cool. She plopped “Private Show” and “Clumsy” onto the net and mentioned the LP’s kickoff track is titled “Invitation,” then snuck off to Hawaii with her boys.

Britney Reportedly Honors ‘Blackout’ With New ‘Glory’ Song “Coupure Électrique”

While fans reflect on the recent roller coaster ride and gear up for Glory‘s next promotional release, a handful of official “Make Me” remixes were posted to Spotify. They include contributions from Cash Cash on one, Marc Stout and Tony Arzadon on another and Tom Budin on the closer.

First Look At Britney’s ‘Glory’ Album Shoot

Each interpretation is sparked with glitchy synths and pounding beats crafted for Vegas’ nightlife (though it’s not a difference if it’s near or far).

Listen below:

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