You know **** got real when Kevin Federline is giving you relationship advice. The famous ex worries Britney’s new-found romance with David Lucado is getting a little too serious, too quickly?

“Kevin doesn’t want the kids to think that any man that Britney dates will ever replace him as a father figure,” a source explained to Star magazine.

“This is the second man she has had staying at her house and he fears it could upset the children… Ultimately he has Brit and their kids’ best interests at heart but he thinks she is diving in too soon with Dave and she needs to slow down.”

Britney and David reportedly met through Jamie Lynn, who introduced the two because he’s a “normal,” down-to-earth dude.

“They have had more time to chat at their boys’ soccer games recently and Kevin told her he isn’t happy about her bringing in another man to their lives so soon after Jason,” the insider continued.

“Kevin is conscious of the impact it will have on their lives and wants their upbringing to be as stable as possible.”

Not so fast there, tiger. Reps for Britney tell E! News the two are not living together, despite reports claiming he’s rarely seen at his apartment and spends the majority of his time at her place in Thousand Oaks.

Either way, it’s her prerogative.

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