Kevin Working With Producer Disco D For his New Album

September 27, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears’ husband/babydaddy, Kevin Federline, was recently photographed leaving an L.A. recording studio with a demo CD. Written in magic marker was “Disco D” – the stage name of 24-year-old NYC mixtape DJ David Shayman, who produced a tracks on 50 Cent’s The Massacre titled “Ski Mask Way.”
Soon after the photos surfaced, a post by someone claiming to be Disco D appeared on the message board of, a website frequented by DJs and hip-hop fans.
“Seriously tho, this **** is on the new school hick hop next level,” the poster raved. “We did one song together last week which is absolutely bananas and some of the catchiest **** I’ve ever heard.” The comments were later removed from the site.
When asked about his collaboration with former backup dancer Federline, Disco D said he was unable to comment at the present time. Federline, who has not yet landed a record deal, also declined to comment.