Britney Spears’ husband Kevin Federline is secretly planning a romantic duet with his ex, according to a report in BANG, and has no intention of stopping his “work” regardless of how his wife feels about it.

Kevin Federline married Britney in 2004, not long after his ex-lover Shar Jackson gave birth to their second love-child. Now, with marriage problems looming between him and wife Spears, who is pregnant with their second child (his fourth), the busy boy rapper is apparently sneaking out to visit former love Shar Jackson and has plans to record a duet with her.

The pair are said to be keen to record a new version of Bobby Brown’s hit love song ‘Get Away’.

A source reportedly told America’s Star magazine: “Kevin hasn’t told Britney about it. When she finds out, I think she will go ballistic. I think it could be the last straw.”

Even though his musical plans could cause more problems for his marriage, Kevin seems unconcerned, and determined to pursue his musical ambitions.

The source added: “Kevin doesn’t seem to care. He said, ‘So I’m gonna record a song with Shar. Big deal’.”

And while Kevin wants to record a duet with his ex, Shar, his pregnant wife Britney, who also wanted to collaborate with him on some music and has supported her spouse in his rap endeavors, now apparently will have to wait to share his time.

Spears had told Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “I can’t wait to return to performing, but I want to do it right. I’m so proud of Kevin. He’s been working so hard on his own album since I got pregnant with Sean Preston. I’m so lucky – he’s a doll.”


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