Washington, Aug 12: Britney Spears’ wannabe rapper husband Kevin Federline has reportedly announced that he will be launching his own record label, Federation Records ahead of the release of his debut album, ‘Playing with Fire’.

The “America’s Most Hated” rapper was last month reported to have been in talks label Jive Records for the release of his album.

His hip-hop career was jumpstarted with the single, “PopoZ鉶,” which was released online to mixed reviews. However, Federline later claimed that the single was just a joke and that when people hear his real release they would be blown away.

Federline is also set to make his tv performance debut at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards Aug. 20, where he will be performing live at the closing of the show with the first single from ‘Playing with Fire’, ‘Lose Control’, reports Eonline!.

Britney recently gifted her husband an American Express Centurion card, which apparently has no spending limits.

Credit: newkerala.com

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