Pop tart Britney Spears has always been rumored to have trouble with hubby Kevin Federline’s wandering eye. But now a report set to be published this week alleges that K-Fed may just want to be up front about dating.

Not Brit, according to the report K-Fed wants to date other women.

He reportedly has let Brit know that he wants “an open marriage.”

What is this the 1970’s?

Life & Style Weekly is set to report that Federline has a lot to learn when it comes to repairing a relationship. The item reads, In the midst of marital troubles with Britney Spears, 24, his wife of more than a year, Kevin, 27, delivered what may be the ultimate insult: “He told her it was hard for him to be with just one woman,” a friend of Brit’s says. “Kevin said that an open marriage would work better for him.”

I’m sure it would. L&S notes that a rep from Team Brit denies the story.

Brit, of course, said the whole K-Fed sleeping around wouldn’t work for her and reportedly turned to her mom Lynne for guidance.

The Life & Style print story has much more including the possible women ‘player’ K-Fed may want to include in his alleged ‘open marriage’ wishes, Brit’s mom’s reaction (take a guess) and what’s next for the couple.

One thing is certain; this report should really endure Kevin to Brit’s legion of fans.

-Jill Atkins

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