Kevin Federline wants Sean and Jayden to work at McDonald’s when they turn 16 so they don’t turn into Hollywood brats.

“I’ll have them working at Micky D’s,” Federline tells Fox News during a taping of his new reality show, “Excess Baggage” in Melbourne, Australia. “That’s how we had to do it! I worked at a car wash, I worked at a pizza place. Things like that made me.”

He added, “I can be in this business now, and I’m still the same person I am back then because I know what I want out of life and how to treat people.”

Don’t laugh too hard at the guy, he just wants them to grow up and live normal lives.

“Preston and Jayden have missed out on so much of that with me and their [mother] being so busy all the time,” he said. “Now we’ve both agreed — this is it, they are going to be at school [and] learn … what it’s like to be part of society as a normal kid.”

Kevin said he planned to bring his kids and girlfriend, Victoria Prince, back to Australia in July and hoped to one day retire in the country.

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