He would. Of course! How could I have not seen this all along?! You know for a fact K-fed dresses up in a stolen pair of pink ******* from Britney, wears Lynne’s high heels, and prances around the house singing broadway.

Us Weekly is reporting that Kevin wants to star in the Legally Blonde show on Broadway! A source tells Us: “He’s so excited! This is his chance to show the world what he can do,” says a pal. And now that he has physical custody, his sons might join him in the Big Apple. This is his dream and he wants to bring the kids,” says the insider. Jamie and Lynne [Spears] promised to help him make it work.”

Of course they would help! I mean New York IS closer to Kentwood than LA. Ripping those babies away from Britney one step at a time. Maybe two-step.

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