Kevin To Make Another Appearance On WWE Again

October 23, 2006 By Jordan Miller Last Monday night, Kevin Federline a.k.a. K-Fed appeared on Monday Night RAW with his good friends Johnny Nitro and Melina. During his appearance, Federline was involved in a physical confrontation with WWE Champion John Cena which saw the aspiring artist become the recipient of an F-U. K-Fed was furious with Cena’s actions and the treatment he received during his visit. As a result, he has informed RAW’s Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman that along with Melina, he will be in Johnny Nitro’s corner for his match this Monday on RAW with Cena.

In addition, Jonathan Coachman has released the following statement to “I am pleased to announce on behalf of Mr. McMahon that WWE will have the distinct privilege of promoting Kevin Federline’s new album “Playing with Fire.” I have listened to the album, and I can assure you that it is nothing short of a musical masterpiece.”

K-Fed failed to endear himself to the WWE fans on last week’s show. What kind of reaction will K-Fed get when he accompanies Johnny Nitro to the ring for his match? Will K-Fed receive more suitable “treatment” this time around?


The sports-entertainment world has been abuzz since Kevin Federline – a.k.a. K-Fed – made a shocking appearance on RAW. The aspiring rap-artist and celebrity extraordinaire was the recipient of an FU, courtesy of RAW’s resident rapper and WWE Champion John Cena.

Monday afternoon at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Ill., an advance copy of Federline’s new song “America’s Most Hated” made its way though the RAW locker room. was on the scene to get the RAW Superstars reactions to the song, which appears on his album Playing with Fire that comes out on Oct. 31.

Jonathan Coachman:

K-Fed might be America’s most hated to some, but let’s face it, they hate him because he’s married to the woman we all want. He’s one of the most talented artists in the music game today. Now, he’s taking his celebrity and using it for good. He’s giving back to all his fans, including myself, and I can’t wait to purchase Playing with Fire when it comes out Oct. 31.

Chris Masters:

I thought it was just amazing. It’s a hip-hop revolution. Chris Masters has mastered the Masterlock, and Kevin Federline has mastered the rap game. “America’s Most Hated” is nothing short of a Masterpiece.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:

Senior, escuchame me… I mean the music. Como se dice … it reminds me of Beethoven. It should be in the Music Hall of Fame. He belongs in there immediately. Amigo this album, Playing with Fire is going platinum all the way. He’s going to sell a million, trillion, copies. Give him the platinum now. It’s so good, I’m going to buy three copies. One for my car, one for my boat, and one just to have and keep, and hopefully get autographed.

Randy Orton:

Kevin Federline’s “America’s Most Hated” is a legend in the making. Who would know a legend better than me? It was my destiny to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time, and it’s my destiny to take out DX once and for all. K-Fed? Let’s just say it’s his destiny to be the greatest selling rap artist of all time.

Johnny Nitro:

Playing with Fire is destined to be No. 1 on all the Billboard charts. It takes a real musical genius to fuse all these different genres that Kevin has excelled in. He has symphonies flowing through his mind. He is not only going to re-create the hip-hop industry, but the entire music industry itself. I’m so happy for K-Fed, he deserves all the praise that he has coming to him.

Nitro comparing Cena to K-Fed:

Have you ever noticed that Cena can only rhyme two words in a row? He’s like a two year old rapper. His raps are like the little rhymes you made up when you were in Kindergarten. It’s like poetry for idiots. K-Fed is a master lyricist.