Kevin Spends $20k Of Britneys Money – Partying

The bill has just come in for Kevin Federline’s wild weekend in Las Vegas. We hear that Kevin spent $20,000 that included lap dances for him and his friends, gambling, dining at the finest restaurants plus a sexy professional “escort” who supposedly served as their “tour guide”. A source in Vegas says “Kevin lost thousands playing craps. Britney’s black American Express card got him all the cash he needed”. They say Kevin had such a good time, he now leaves Britney at home on a regular basis, and goes out with the guys Tuesday night, and he was given the star treatment at the popular “Concorde Club” in Hollywood. According to an employee “a sexy blonde was monopolizing his attention. At the end of the night, she slipped him her number. They didn’t leave together; the street was crawling with photographers. But I’ll bet you they met up later”. Thanks Dirty Pretty Things

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