UsWeekly Magazine: Kevin Federline, 27, continues to look for work. Mr. Britney Spears has gone on a diet, hired an agent and made a goal of becoming a model and doing celebrity endorsements.

“Kevin desperately wants a Louis Vuitton campaign,” says a source. “Britney told him he should get it, and now it’s his obsession. That’s why he has tried to clean up his image lately,” adds a Federline pal, “Kevin wants to be a male model. That is his career goal.”

Another source who has been around Federline recently says “it looks like he is losing some weight. He is playing golf, like, every day and taking better care of himself.” He’s also pitching a new reality show to VH1, which could chronicle his attempt to become “the new Eminem,” as a source tells it.

K-Fed now fancies himself a rapper, and he’ll have his dance moves choreographed by Cris Judd. Judd, of course, is also best known for being a famous husband: He was married to Jennifer Lopez for less than a year.

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