Gross. Kevin is showing us how many fingers he used on Shar Jackson last night. Wow, did I just say that? Mom I hope you’re not reading this.

Kfed (seen above) was spotted partying at the Xbox Madden NFL ’09 video game launch last night with baby mama #1 Shar Jackson. Yes, you read that right – Shar “Tummy Tuck” Jackson brought her and her thunder thighs to the event to “support” Kevin. According to, “The two semicelebrities were partying side by side at the same VIP table, and they acted “like a couple” while everyone else was playing xBox. However, once the party really got going and people were xBoxed out, the two remained together – but were miles apart – so as not to draw attention.

The “Father of the Year” did not bring his kids to the video game event. Wiggers and whores were allowed in though.

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