Kevin Offered Multi-Million Dollar Deal To Model Clothes

June 25, 2008 By Jordan Miller

I used a decent picture cause “the pancake man” is starting to make some money of his own – but still found one douchey enough to please the world. Looks like Kevin finally wants to stop leaching off Britney start making his own money. According to In Touch weekly, Kevin has been offered a “seven-figure endorsement deal to be the new face of Christopher Brian Collection .” A multi-million dollar deal to wear clothes?! **** I’d do it for free – just let me keep them at the end.

“‘We feel Kevin would be a great model for the line,’ Chris Stokes, a music producer who co-owns the denim brand says.” Nothing is set in stone though, and the deal could fall through the cracks.

The article continues to say that “Kevin is also working with Chris on his music and movie career.” WHO gave permission to allow Kevin to be in a movie / making another craptastic CD. Someone tell K-fed his last CD sold 5000 copies – 5000 of which were bought by Britney fans for the track she was featured on.

“He is in everyone’s good graces right now, so he feels like it’s the time for his career to shine,” the insider says. Elliot Mintz, a rep for the actor/singer, says “Kevin is getting back to work on his music activities.” Mintz you’re orange like an oompa loompa – sit down (completely irrelevant).

Wonder if the jeans will come pre-stained with ketchup and mustard and a hint of Jack & Coke…