Yes, Kevin Federline was humiliated on SNL last night for being fat.

But, he doesn’t care!

TMZ claims Kevin Federline is officially signed on to VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, but according to new reports this is not true!

Additonally, Kevin’s rep is refuting claims Kevin is suffering from heart problems and high blood pressure due to the extra pounds, saying:


“The rumour (of potential heart problems) is 100 per cent false. He’s focused on taking care of the kids and is (already) eating healthier and losing weight.”

The rep insists Kevin’s blood pressure is normal and will not appear on the reality show alongside ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.

Hold the phone! Kevin’s fame-***** lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, claims Kevin IS joining ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ after an “interview” outside a club in L.A. Saturday night.

“I think it’s going to be great,” said Kaplan. “I think hes going to be really focused on it, and kick his own ****.”

“It’s gonna be a no-lose proposition for him,” Kaplan said before correcting himself. “Hopefully it will be a big-lose proposition for him!”

Kaplan continued to say everything is “good” between Kevin and Britney, adding that he’s unsure if Sean & Jayden will tag along with Britney during her Australian leg of her “Circus” tour because Kevin will be busy in L.A. shooting the reality show.

The least that mofo could do is give Britney the kids for the leg while he’s out embarrassing himself filming this show!

Ugh, whatever… I want In N Out!

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