MSNBC reported that Britney Spears’ new hubby had to go into debt for his bride.

Kevin Federline reportedly had to take out a loan to buy his multi-millionaire wife’s wedding ring. It’s a platinum band with no diamonds; the ring Spears gave to Federline, however, is platinum with diamonds.

Britney allegedly made the revelation to defend Federline — her former backup singer who has two children by another woman he didn’t marry — against charges that he’s a gold-digger or freeloader.

I am very annoyed with some reports speculating such [garbage] that I had to pay for the wedding myself and that I even had to buy my own ring,” the World Entertainment News Networks quotes Spears as saying. “It’s simply so not true. Kevin took out a loan to contribute towards the wedding and so he could buy me my band. He insisted. It’s so hurtful when this kind of thing comes out. Kevin pays his own way and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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