Britney Spears’ husband, Kevin Federline, recently told Extra that she completely supports him and his budding music career. He said, “My wife loves what I do. She is so for everything that I’m doing right now. That’s the biggest thing for me, too, because if she wasn’t supportive of it, I’d probably give it up.” He also said that Spears keeps him calm, adding, “When I get wild up over stuff, she’s like, ‘Sit back, think about it, make sure it’s the right decision that you’re going to make.'”

Federline will release his debut album, Playing With Fire, in August.

As for Spears, she may be parting ways with her record label. reported that she’s been taking meetings in an effort to secure a new deal.

Federline cast some doubts on whether or not Spears is pregnant. According to, he completely avoided the topic in a recent interview, but when pressed further, K-Fed said that he “wouldn’t bet” on it. He did say that Spears is currently working on a new album.

Credit: yahoo

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