Kevin Federline Marries Victoria Prince

Congratulations are in order to Sean and Jayden’s dad, Kevin Federline, who tied the knot in Las Vegas this weekend to longtime girlfriend Victoria Prince. The two were engaged just one day before they made it official.

“Kevin told her he was going to Vegas for a job, but he surprised her by proposing and [then plans on] marrying her while they are there,” an insider told Us Weekly. “Victoria really wanted this for a long time so she’s gotta be blown away. She’s proven herself with him from day one.”

On Friday, Victoria posted an Instagram photo not knowing she’d get hitched a day later.

“Road trip with mommy, daddy, and grandma!! @bestgma @federline4real #thefedz #vivalasvegas #mgmtigers #dolphins #sharkreef”

Kevin and Victoria have a 1-year-old daughter together.

“For the first time in my life, I got a taste of heaven!” she tells E! News.

“It’s about time Kevin got over Britney and went on with life,” another source added. “Victoria is an awesome girl.”