Dressed up and ready to go, Kevin Federline — a.k.a. Mr. Britney Spears — was looking fashionable for his role as Details Magazine’s newest cover boy.

For the first time, Federline opened up about his bride and the pressures of being in one of the most scrutinized marriages in Hollywood.

“Here’s a great question for America… How did you score Britney Spears? How did you pull it off as a man?” inquired Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

“Well, I look at it as she kind of scored me… Nah, I’m joking. I’m joking. I’m joking,” replied Kevin Federline.

And with Kevin’s answer to Billy’s question, finally there was glimpse of the charm Britney fell in love with.

Similar to most newlyweds, Britney and Kevin could hardly keep their hands off each other as Kevin was prepped and primped for his highly coveted first photo shoot, landed only by Details.

But Billy wanted to get to the answers to the questions that most of America wants to know.

“People want to know what you’re about. How would you describe yourself?” asked Billy.

“I’m me. I’m easy, laid-back, nice,” answered Kevin.

And before Kevin could finish his answer his proud wife Britney yelled from the background, “And ****!”

When asked about when he feels most ****, Kevin joked to Billy: “I feel **** right now.”

But with all the kidding aside, the interview turned to the more serious note of how Kevin feels about the scrutiny their union is under.

“Is it fair to say you’re misunderstood as a guy?” asked Billy.

“Yes, misunderstood as they portray me in the tabloids,” answered Kevin.

When asked how he thought they portrayed him, Kevin said: “Oh you know, there’s been a series of different things – cheater and among other things.”

One reason the tabloids “teed off” was because Federline’s relationship with Britney began while Kevin’s ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson was pregnant with their second child.

“Do you ever get mad?” inquired Billy.

“We’ll you’d have to piss me off to see — it takes a lot. Usually I lose my temper over other people. You know I get very protective of her… But over me, nah I can deal with it,” said Kevin.

As for the toll the media spotlight has taken on his new wife, Kevin offered his perspective.

“You know when I first met her, she was this princess, you know, this American dream… But I wonder has she been beaten down. Has she lost some that happiness? Do you know what I mean,” he said.

Tune in to Access Hollywood on Friday for more of our Kevin Federline exclusive!

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