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King: Is K-Fed crazy? In what appears to be public-opinion suicide, the clown you love to clown is releasing a rap album and laughing about it. KING finds out what’s so funny

Kevin Federline is a joke. Rather, a joker. He’s recounting a story about the previous day, when, during a photo shoot for another magazine, he felt compelled to give them something other than standard pretty-boy mugging. “I’m supposed to be this rapper dude and I live in Malibu,” he says, smiling. “I had to think of something.” So he monkeyed his way up a tree and settled onto what he thought was a secure branch. Laughter erupts in the studio. The punch line crashes down – into a pile of rocks, actually. “It wasn’t a hard fall,” he says. “It’s just comedy!” Kevin has this far-from-graceful descent on tape, and plays it back four times, jumping in his seat, pointing to the corner of the shot. “Watch my foot when I fall!” he blurts. “Watch my foot!”

Up until this point, much about K-Fed has begged the question, how can he not be joking? Turns out he is, and frankly, what choice does he have? He got his first breaks breatheheavy.comdancing backup for Pink and Justin Timberlake. With America’s fallen pop princess on his arm, he’s so stinking rich he could get away with wearing Prada pajamas to the country club, but seems to think wifebeaters are just as appropriat – and not just on laundry days. He’s admitted to not knowing how to change diapers, and is rumored to be an unrestrained L.A. party boy. Even Family Guy went to town on the kid, calling him, in so many words, a “douche bag.” Believe it or not, though, he gets the joke, and, naturally funny and down-to-earth, will probably beat you to the punch line.

Yes, Mr. Britney Spears is putting out a hip-hop album, and based on the reception of his first single, “PopoZao,” a Brazilian baile-funk-inspired strip-club jam, it might not be easy for him. But he knew that already. “No matter what,” he says, “I am putting myself out there now. Either it turns or it stays the same. They’ve already said everything horrible you can say about a person. So why not get a big ******’ kick out of it in the meantime?” Why not, indeed.

Credit:Article: Siobhàn O’Connor, Photography: Kwaku Alston.


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