Did anyone else start singing that Jackson 5 song?

Not exactly the way I wanted to start updating BreatheHeavy today; a Kevin Federline article before Britney?

I know what you’re thinking: Jordan is the sexiest mother fucker I’ve ever seen This isn’t a K-Fed site! I know bbs, don’t worry – it won’t happen again.

Until tomorrow. Moving on…

Kevin Federline is gracious enough to allow Britney to take her own kids on tour with her!

So nice!

After leaving a meeting with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Thursday afternoon, Kevin revealed to the paparazzi he’ll “be there” when Britney kicks off her tour in March in New Orleans, saying saying “I’m gonna take the kids on the road … they need to see their mother, right?”

***** acts like he has all the control in this situation! He’s not Jamie Spears, what the ****!

Britney will see the boys three days and nights every week while on tour.

Now let’s all pray to the Britney-news God for some stories with substance; am sick of reading stories about Perez or ******** from the National Enquire, ya dig?

Image: x17online.com

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