Britney Spears’s husband Kevin Federline trys his hand at playing Mr. mom whilst popstar wife Britney stays home and looks after his kids. Kevin fashionably attired in a white skull cap, very baggy tracksuit pants and a Yankees tshirt spent almost 50 minutes in the local Malibu supermarket where he later emerged laden with a overflowing shopping trolley. Filled with many of Britney’s favourite culminary delights like frozen pizzas, Cheetos, Fruit loops, ice cream, a 12 pack of Coca Cola etc. it also contained a extra large bag of Huggies diapers for Kevins youngest baby. Britney and Kevin picked up the babies from ex wife Shar Jackon’s Orange County house last night after it is rumoured that she refused a invite for the babies and herself to spend a family Christmas with their father and stepmother on Christmas Day at Britney Malibu mansion. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

Kevin Federline Goes Shopping

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