That’s a scene I never wanted to picture!

Kevin Federline was drunk and naked poolside at the Victorian hotspot The Olsen in Australia, according to new reports.

“It was Kevin Federline – 100 per cent,” said a hotel-stayer. “Drunk doesn’t even cover it. He was a mess.”

After dinner, Kevin and an unknown male and female-friend stripped down and continued partying. “They were ****. It was disgusting. I could see everything, absolutely everything,” she said. “I was seriously offended and went to complain to management.” She says Kevin invited her to his room to continue the party, but she rejected his request.

The woman said an on-duty manager spoke to Federline and his guests after she complained.

A manager at The Olsen said: “They were drinking and they were boisterous, but there is no clear footage of nakedness on our CCTV footage.” The manager confirmed the resident had filed a complaint.

Kevin is said to be a celebrity guest on Channel 9’s new weight-loss show, Excess Baggage.


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