Don’t call him Britney’s hubby or Moesha’s friend’s baby daddy, Kevin Federline – known beyond the tabloids for his movements to Hip-Hop music – is in the works for releasing his debut rap album. The dancer turned Hollywood fixture, has spent the past few years in a life resembling the Truman Show. While previously dancing in Britney’s shadow, Kevin has managed to hold his own with a fan base and website that sees two million pairs of eyes regularly.

One of the few truthful rumors circulating about Kevin Federline is the spring release of his album – title pending. While he’s window shopping labels currently, his need for the major label politics is questionable. His debut single “PopoZâo” is doing astronomically well in cyberspace. Curiosity has yet to kill this cat. spoke with the busiest husband in show business to talk about his newly conceived rap career. So does the man envied by many men think he’s got the skills to pay the bills, or is he just another pretty face?


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