Britney and Kevin Federline’s child support battle rages on.

Britney and Kevin Federline’s child support battle rages on.

Kevin has spent most of his adult life hanging on (for dear life) to Britney’s coattails, so literally no one is surprised he’s trying to squeeze more money out of her.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

After the initial report broke detailing Kevin’s legal request to up his monthly child support from $20,000, there was speculation the Glory singer was angered. Days later, a separate story claimed she was leaning towards agreeing to pay more simply because she didn’t want to deal with the stress of it.

Not so fast…


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According to TMZ, dad Jamie Spears isn’t so keen on the idea. He reportedly met with Kevin’s lawyers last Friday and asked what the reasoning was behind an increase in child support.

Here’s a copy + paste paragraph from TMZ:

“We’re told Jamie pressed again, asking what the kids needed that they weren’t getting. We’re told Kevin’s lawyer wouldn’t answer, but said his client needed the means to take care of the 2 kids at Britney’s level. Jamie fired back … Britney’s taking care of the kids the way she always did — nothing’s changed.”

The two parties volleyed back and forth. Kevin’s reps claim now that Britney is making more money, Kevin deserves more. Mr. Spears hit back wanting to know what that has to do with the needs of Sean and Jayden.

K-Fed probably didn’t mention he’d like to avoid getting an actual job like literally everyone else because that’d be a bit of an inconvenience for him.

Oh, and get this: TMZ says after they first divorced she cut him a check for $1.3 million and gave him spousal support for several years in addition to the monthly child support. Kevin has since remarried.

Federline’s lawyer never named a figure or provided any examples of how the children’s needs weren’t met.

Help K-Fed out and stream Popozão, will ya?


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  1. no one can support their kids on Britney’s level. But come on what do you need more money for except to support your other kids on Britney’s money. $20,000 is a lot of cash to be raising kids. And if Britney wants to take her kids on vacation or spend money on them she should she has a job and makes money. Not her problem that he is not making money for his other kids. Maybe he should have stopped at the 3 he already had what does he have now 5 or 6 kids.

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