I’ll pretty much post anything with the words “Britney” & “Paris” in the same story. Plus it gives me an excuse to post one of their hot pictures (like above).

Recent reports claim Kevin Federline confronted heiress Paris Hilton at the launch of restaurant and club Lavo in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas last weekend. Kevin demanded Paris stay away from Britney as he does not want her to return to her troubled lifestyle for the sake of his kids.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “It was quite a chilling warning. She was quite friendly and asked how Britney and the kids are but she won’t be asking again.”

Well, according to new reports, Kevin never said such a thing!

“The story is ridiculous,” a source close to both Paris and Kevin tells X17.

“Paris was in town with her boyfriend and sister to go to a charity event at the Nevada Cancer Institute and the LAVO grand opening. She never saw or spoke with Kevin Federline at all. The whole story is complete nonsense. Kevin would never say anything like that.”

Of course he wouldn’t say anything like that. Instead he’d say “Hey baby, the Pancake Man wants to drip his syrup all down yo body – oh by the way Mrs. Butterworth stay away from my babies mama.” Please don’t deny he talks like that. We all know the truth. It’ll set you free!

Long story short: rumor came out, rumor confirmed false.

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