Kevin Cheats With Pornstar Kendra Jade?

January 16, 2006 By Jordan Miller

RUMOR: National Ledger reported that Britney Spears hubby Kevin Federline spent some time in Las Vegas with **** star Kendra Jade in early December while Britney was away in Louisiana with her mom and baby Sean Preston, according to a published report.
American tabloid the Star is dropping the bombshell accusation that Brit’s husband K-Fed has cheated on her with ex-adult film star Kendra Jade during a weekend getaway in Las Vegas.
The tryst allegedly happened during the time when Brit had reportedly kicked Kevin out of the house and took away his Ferrari. Brit bailed to Louisiana to re-group and seek support and advice from mom.
The Star says that while Brit was away, Federline slid to Sin City where Kevin and Kendra partied, cuddled and made out during a seven hour romp in her suite with several other friends.
The story cites a source that goes into excruciating details of a wild all night party at Kendra’s Las Vegas suite at the Venetian Resort.
The details include several bottles of champagne (a Cristal bill of over $7,000, the source dishes) and four masseuses that cost $700 for the whole group. The party lasted seven hours according to the report and then K-Fed headed back to LA “to make nice with Britney,” the report from the Star tabloid claims.
Kevin’s rep confirmed to the magazine that he was indeed in Vegas at the time – but denies that he fooled around with Kendra. Kendra’s rep says she is in a committed relationship but refused further comment.
The report does not allege ***, only a heavy make out session, but it still should spark some interesting conversation at the Spears household.