Chat Host says Okay, Kevin has now joined us!

Kevin Federline says Federline is in the house!!

mixo asks What was your favorite part of making the album?

Kevin Federline says My favorite part of making the album would have to be really getting in the music. It took a long time to make the album and I got to touch on a lot of different subjects that have been out in the media lately. Just explain a little bit of my situation.

lucky_kitty asks how is your album different from others?

Kevin Federline says You know I really went with the upbeat, so everybody could dance to it… But at the same time I’m really going after the media. I’m bragging a little bit but in a good way!

joanna13 asks what has been the funniest fan encounter you’ve had so far?

Kevin Federline says The craziest thing that has happened so far, is I performed at a radio station in LA and I got into.. they gave me a rolls royce phantom to drive around in. I was getting ready to leave and we got swarmed by hundreds and hundreds of people. It showed me that people are interested in what I’m doin’!

Arijana89 asks What or who inspired you to begin your music career?

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